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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Much better.

I'm so glad Trudy saw through why Pete really wanted an apartment in the city and threw him out so early on in the season. I can't wait for when they do try to maintain appearances and things go from South to Antarctic.

Love that they flashback to Uncle Mack. Last year, I was wondering what Don would know about growing up in a "whorehouse". Archie was a farmer and I didn't peg Mack for being a pimp but now it makes sense why Don felt that he had to get out of there.

Now that we know that Abigail was a prostitute, I'm now of the belief that Don was right when he said in the first season flashback, "He ain't my brother." Where did Adam get the red hair from? Definitely not his parents. I think Adam's father was one of Abigail's clients for lack of a better term. Wanting to deny everything, she couldn't wanted to pass of Adam as Archie's.

The only problem I had with the flashback is I think they should've either recast Dick or set it a few years after they moved in with Mack, when Dick actually would've been a teenager. The actor clearly doesn't look he's 10 anymore, which is how old Dick was when his father died and how old he looked in the flashback to when Adam was born.

Don sabotaging the pitch for more local Jaguar ads was priceless.
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