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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished Titan: The Red King. It was pretty good, though there was a little bit of wonkiness. Plot elements and characters disappear and reappear when necessary. Mekirkuk's status throughout the book is very odd as he's seemingly ignored until 3/4 of the way through, gets one scene and a send off which doesn't do a lot to resolve a storyline. Some of the "regular cast" don't get a lot to do. Vale, while being highlit, doesn't add much and I'm left scratching my head as to why she's been included in the series. I really can't say I understand the fan love that surrounds her. However, Tuvok, Troi and Riker are really well handled and I was interested to see where they went. Donatra was a lot of fun to read, too. I found the setting of the book to be a little unnecessary too. Some of the points the book was trying to make about relationships/race/ethnicity ended up being a little confused and ultimately ended with something akin to "Shrug, we tried to be inclusive." [Specifically any time the Human/Betazoid command crew issue is raised. It's addressed at least twice and both times it's an issue that's brought up, argued and then dropped without any one suggesting anything else. Granted there is a pay-off to it but you could argue it's not quite as problem solving as it seems] I have to admit, I found Keru to be unlikeable over the course of much of the first book and he only felt somewhat likeable by the end. I'm not sure if the arrogance the character displays (which speaks well of character work) or if it was just that once Tuvok showed up Keru felt redundant and only around because he was a creation of the authors.

I'm now three chapters into Articles of the Federation which is quite good so far. My only complaint is that it could have used a dramatis personae. Using so many "new" characters, even though their roles are mentioned pretty often, I still have to "flip" back and forth on my kindle to figure out who is who sometimes. (I would extend the same caveat to Titan as well. I kept mixing up Jaza and Lavena over the course of the first book.)

I know there's reading lists out there, but is it suggested to read Resistance, Q&A and Before Dishonor together as a trilogy or can I slide Orion's Hounds in there?
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