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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Anyway, Farscape is much easier to digest. Very entertaining stories and superb acting. If only they got 2-3 more seasons out of it. So much potential.
In a "Babylon 5 versus Farscape" contest I would have to go with "Farscape" - based on consistancy. B5 lost it, in my opinion, when the writing had the character of Captain Sheridan abandon his forces in the midst of war to confront The Shadows. It may have seemed justified in JMS's head, may have looked great on paper but failed in execution. And the entire fifth seasons was terrible.

On the flip side, Farscape was true to itself, came across as fresher both in style and substance.

Also, the fact that Farscape was cancelled was a major injustice. They consistantly gave the Sci-Fi Channel it's highest ratings (for the time) with brilliant demographic performance BUT the network didn't own the show so they pulled the plug on it.
I've never understood how anyone could say the entire 5th Season of Babylon 5 is Terrible? I know some hated the Telepath Arc in the first half, but, you got a bold end to The Telepath Crisis, you have the excellent Neil Gaiman episode, The very Long Night of Londo Molari, A View to the Gallery, the ratcheting up of the arc at the end of the First half, the entirety of the second half especially Sleeping in Light...

There's been a couple folks who have declared they thought B5 was all about The Shadow War, and everything after that sucked
I enjoyed the fifth season when I watched the show. It wasn't the best season, but I don't remember my enjoyment dropping to far.
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