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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Does HD always have to make things better or can they make things worse? The reason I ask is because on the Trekcore facebook page, they posted a picture of the Sheliak in HD, and I wonder if the SD version with the blurriness added to the menacing aspect of this alien. Now it almost looks like Armus with no goo and instead of rising from the pond, he's attached to rods. It still looks cool and all, but it's almost like the clarity is taking away something from the oddity of that species.

It's a shame too that Ensigns of Command is not one of the more popular episodes of the season because I would love to hear some behind the scenes stories on this one, especially the concept of the Sheliak. Also, wasn't this the episode with the Voice dubbing for the Goshavin character? That would have been an interesting tidbit too. Granted, maybe they will talk about it, but I doubt it.

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