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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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^No, I think it's just the same research fail that led to Berman & Braga not realizing when they wrote "Broken Bow" that Rigel was a real star name. Maybe they didn't realize that Romulans were named for a figure from Roman mythology. After all, it's not like most Americans get a decent classical education anymore.
That is sad to think about.

He also didn't realize that Broken Bow, Oklahoma was a real place.

In an interview about Broken Bow in Star Trek: Communicator, Braga said something along the lines of "We started off with Broken Bow, Iowa (I think?), but we decided to change it to Oklahoma. But of course there is no Broken Bow in Oklahoma."

The interviewer, Larry Nemecek, who is actually from Oklahoma (he used to live here in Norman) said "Actually yes there is." That made me laugh. And here, I was so proud of them for including an Oklahoma town in a Star Trek pilot, and even NAMING it after that town, and Braga didn't even know it was a real place.

Meh, how many people who have never been to Oklanoma know there's a Boken Bow there? I didn't before Enterprise came along. People just aren't experts of places they've never been to. Hell, I never even heard of the World Trade Center before 9/11.
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