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Petition to bring back a killed Walking Dead character (SPOILERS)

It is only natural for characters to die in a zombie series and while some viewers may think it is unnecessary, there is really no point in bringing her back from the dead. It would disrupt other parts of the television series and would not make much sense.

So far the petition to bring Laurie Holden back to "The Walking Dead" has eight signatures. Their goal is to have 1,000 signatures.

Even if they had 1,000 people to sign or even a million, it is unlikely that Andrea's character would return to the show.
No, I'm not signing it. I thought it was interesting she still has fans considering how much the writers tried to ruin her character as much as possible this season. I blame the writers for how the character was mishandled. Comic Andrea and TV Andrea couldn't be more different from each other. I hope the actress can move on to better things.

But I'll be happy if they bring back T-Dog over Andrea!
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