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Re: Visiting San Francisco

Hm I think I'm missing something. I haven't watched ST IV in a long time, all I remember is Whales, Nuclear Wessels and landing in Golden Gate Park. Unless you're referring to some other movie I haven't seen LOL

Yeah I totally only plan on using Public Transport. I'm not sure how popular it is but I was planning on getting a Clipper Card, which appears similar to our myki card over here, and possibly as popular Will no doubt be using the BART every day to get from Berkeley to SF etc. I do plan on doing lots of walking as long as the weather is good. I frankly can't think of anything worse than driving in a strange city and don't forget you guys drive on the other side of the road to us

I've read horror stories about people walking up and just taking your mobile phone out of your hand on Market Street and the usual Tourist horror stories. But then I read those kinds of things about lots of places I've been. I find that if you are alert and keep your wits about you in a strange place that I hopefully shouldn't have any problems.

The one big thing I recall from my 96 visit is the level of homelessness, and I can't imagine it's improved, though apart from asking for spare change I seem to recall they mostly left you be. But if anyone has any specific advice I'm happy to hear it.

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I would be remiss if I didn't suggest the obvious: a game at AT&T Park. Do you have time for that, Mitty?
Hm probably not. And to be completely honest I'm not really that much of a sports fan. Which is why I want to visit 1 Infinite Loop even though I'll only get as far as the front door
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