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Re: Who was the most hated character among fans while DS9 was airing?

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Yes, that and Eddington's which I loved.
The Eddington speech was great.
I liked Eddington. The extra who wouldn't be ignored!

As for Kai Winn... sure you hated her, that was the point. She was oh so syrupy and fake in her politeness, while she's plotting her next evil scheme, but rarely actually crossed the line where she had to be dealt with, at least until Dukat dragged her over it after he was done occupying Bajor one more time.

Vic? Eh.. didn't really hate him... just didn't care period. He's alright, he can sing well, but beyond that he's really just a distraction. One song now and again is alright, but in His Way where he's literally singing for HALF the episode, that grated on me. Not what I want when I turn on a sci-fi show. Though to be fair, he was great with Nog in It's Only a Paper Moon.
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