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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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That, and people who've see all of it (not just some-check out the whole movie) feel that it's a better story the the 2009 movie or the upcoming one.
Anyone who thinks that is no one whose taste or opinion I would respect.
You don't have to respect them (I sure as frack don't) but you do have to acknowledge and tolerate them, just as I have to. That said, although I don't agree with them about the 2009 movie, I do share their love (if they know about it) of Star Trek: Aurora, and hope that its style becomes the style of a future Star Trek show, rather than just slavishly imitating Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

BTW, there are realistic style CGI cartoons with the art of Star Trek: Aurora that have aired already, and were somewhat successful:

After looking at all of that, can you all then tell me that a Star Trek cartoon animated like that wouldn't be successful?
I actually agree with you..but the examples on TV so far have not been great. Some of those are way out of date. Some better examples are shows that use computers to model traditional animation with environments and motion with a realistic fashion without having to be actually real. A good example currently showing in theaters and bluray in Japan is Yamato:2199, possibly the best animated space scenes and battles ever. Ghost in the Shell has used this in the past and of course some other animated shows use it to some degree. Another good space show is Much of the hardware is CGI.

Tron:Uprising had the best animation I've ever seen on US TV, stylized though it was.

If they did some animated TV or bluray movies, the style used in the last Starship Troopers movie, or Vexhille, TO:Elliptical Orbit, Planzet, Negadon works because a bigger budget lends itself to full CGI.
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