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Re: Starship crash sequence from the MTV Awards

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The guard tower is in the foreground.
Um, no. Not to belabor the point, but unless you see something I don't, that's the light house you're mistaking for a guard tower. The ruins of the warden's house are next to it (just to its left, our right). Those things are really there, today.
You're right it is a lighthouse. Well is a photo of San Francisco, with Alcatraz in the foreground. I think the island itself is in the same angle that you said that the crashing was heading.
I hope the link works?
They could also take artistic license with the geography of the area. The ship hits Alcatraz for maximum kewlness effect, then goes ashore somewhere that provides maximum kewlness effect at the expese of geogrpahical accuracy. Wouldn't bother me at all.

The way the ship is falling from the sky, it does look like it's heading more for the area of the Marina Disctrict than North Beach (kind of SW). But the way it hits Alcatraz, it's going SE.
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