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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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The Web Planet, which meant every time there was a scene on the surface of the planet, I think my eyes are fucked or my glasses are fucked cos of them having smeared grease on the camera lens to give the look of a weird atmosphere...
Get it over and done with, like going to the dentist. It's not that bad. It's pretty bad, but not that bad. Not mostly.
There's even a few good bits each episode. At least until part six. That's.... well, only 25 minutes till The Crusade. You can do that. Just grip the handrest hard... Bite down. Tell yourself it'll soon be over. And if that doesn't work, remember Time and the Rani and tell yourself that one day it'll be worse, so be grateful for now.
"Some days are better than others. They say that where I come from."
"Loudly, I imagine, on the day you left."
(Blake's 7 - Rumours of Death)
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