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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I think the first Superman film is overrated and has too much nostalgia love. What it has going for was it's was a very majestic, momentous atmosphere(through the memorial score, and some inspirational moments) and Reeve's and Brando is great and carry their roles with extraodinary gravitas.... but man, the film's later half is overtly campy and weakly plotted. Some cringeworthy dialouge( Sample the inner-monolouge Lois has when she is first flying with Superman --it's awful). Let's not forget the stupidty of the "turn back time by spinning the world around by flying so fast" scene. Not to mention, Lex's annnoying sidekicks. The Donnor films are classic's but it's time to make room for a fresh intepretation of this character that will be in the mainstream's conscious when they think of Superman rather then relics which are the Reeve's film's.
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