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Re: New 'Star Wars' movies will arrive every summer following 'Episode

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Disney: you'd better not screw all of this up. Don't take something a lot of us have cherished since we were old enough to write the alphabet and tie our shoes and run it into the ground because you want to pimp this franchise to death and put out a hundred new BluRays.
You mean like Lucas himself?

I just can't picture Disney being any worse than Lucas in this regard. Though if they wanted to release the Original Unaltered Trilogy Remastered on Bluray, I don't think anyone would complain.
I wouldn't argue Lucas didn't stink some things up when making the Prequel Trilogy, but at least it was his creation, he still owned it and hadn't yet handed it over to another media giant to do with as they saw fit. Disney's capable of great filmmaking. They're also capable of complete and utter tripe when all they focus on is disc sales and saturating the market with product.

Time will tell. As I said: cautiously optimistic. But Disney needs to be careful that they don't repeat George's past mistakes or screw up even worse than he could. If Marvel is any indication, we should be alright. But these are also the people who greenlit 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure.
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