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Re: The Hall of Forgotten Fanac: The James Dixon Collection

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Okay, let me get this straight: James Dixon's a nut. Franz Joseph's a Kook.
I'm not saying that. I just thought you'd appreciate knowing the behind-the-scenes machinations that led to FJ's books (which I'm a big fan of!) being contradicted.
This just keeps getting better and better all the time.

Let's continue this with Michael McMaster, Geoffrey Mandel, Todd Guenther, and David John Nielson. Or go one-up to Matt Jeffries, Bjo Trimble, and Alan Dean Foster.
I know who all these people are, but I don't see the connection. They all contributed to Trek in ways many people have enjoyed. Mandel (and Doug Drexler and others who made some fanzine manuals) even got to work on the real thing, which I'm sure was a dream come true. ADF is writing the novelization of the next movie.
BTW, "Gene's rules" are 100% bullshit, too, nicely coming After the Great Bird's death, nicely being undocumented beyond hearsay. And above all else, nicely coming Decades After the publication of the Star Fleet Technical Manual.
Good try though.
I don't understand. You're mad that Franz Joseph's work was contradicted, but now trashing the man's claims about GR? Read the link I gave you!
Fans of the Technical Manual, Star Fleet Battles, FASA, and indeed every facet of Tech Fandom in existence prior to Okuda's ascendance would and should be pissed.
Should they really be pissed? I'm a fan of it, I enjoy it. I like seeing the influences of older Trek materials even in Trek's current incarnation. Just like I enjoyed seeing elements of the Richard Donner Superman films in Smallville, or nods to earlier James Bond films in the current ones.

Did you know that according to the (sadly now defunct) Experience the Enterprise holographic tour website, the new Enterprise's warp nacelles were manufactured by FASA's Leeding Engines, Ltd? It came totally out of the blue, and made me smile.
Don't remind me that I am wasting my time on here, and why dwell on the past when we have the present? Let's applaud the writers of "Star Trek 2009" for moving Delta Vega from the galactic rim to Vulcan! Or was Vulcan moved From 40 Eridani To the galactic rim?
I thought that was a sweet namedrop reference to WNMHGB, but for whatever it's worth there's a neat workaround in the novel To Seek a Newer World (currently on-hold), that states that Delta Vega is a generic name given to planets ownes by the Delta-Vega (as in, Delta IV and Vega colony) mining company. Failing that, just look at how many town names are duplicated all over the world. I'm sure the same will be true with planet names in the Trekverse!
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