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Re: Benjamin Benny Russel needs better tales.

Don't forget that there was the novelization of Far Beyond The Stars. While I haven't read the novel (although it is on my shelf and on my "To Read" list), as I recall the episode Sisko and his 1950's counterpart, Benny Russell, were the lead characters.

But with the numbered novels I don't recall any one particular novel centering him out. Sisko did play big roles in the novels, but it was kind of like he was there, but we need to focus on the rest of the ensemble. The Siege had Sisko in it, but it was more an Odo novel, whereas Bloodletter was a Kira novel and both The Big Game and The 34th Rule were novels about Quark. I do recall that in The Long Night, Sisko is presented as being an amateur historian on the long-lost emperor that people are looking to find in that book, but that's a book where all or most of the cast members seemed to get their own scene.
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