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Re: Just dying for a Rendezvous with Rama movie!

If faithful to the book, this movie would probably disappoint many. We've seen way too many shows and movies use the elements of Rama. I said the same thing when Childhood's End was announced as a Syfy miniseries. Audiences are going to think Rama copied them!

Still several elements of the book are topical...we now know there are thousands of planets, some even close by, and many that may be habitable. Asteroid deflection is becoming a big topic with bigger budgets. Spaceguard has become true to some extent. We also have the 100 year starship study, suggesting a timeline that some industrial societies might have followed in their evolution to a Rama ship.

If our sense of wonder hasn't been spoiled, a cool representation of what Rama might look like was seen in this film school project:
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