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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

^ Thanks for the clarification, guys. I elected to use "deranged" rather than "nutjob with little-man syndrome, kind of like North Korea today", but yeah. For some reason I thought he still helped out with Trek conventions or had some modern-day function within Trekdom at large.

This, I guess, leads me to another question...who was it that took over the Trek reins when Roddenberry died? Was it some Paramount appointee who had no affinity for Trek and therefore had no need for Arnold? Or was it someone already involved in Trek who just didn't like Arnold? I'm a little fuzzy on the whole list of succession and how we got from there to here *. I mean, I know some of the names like Berman, Braga, Piller, Moore, stuff like that, but I don't really know who ran the shows and made decisions in the franchise, "official" titles aside.

(hell, that's probably a whole thread in and of itself, isn't it?...)
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