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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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But O'Bannon was definitely the guy who concieved the series and developed it as a concept. I can see the sense of comparing the Defiance pilot to the pilot episode of Farscape, which O'Bannon wrote - in fact, both are a little encumbered by the amount of story and character they're setting up (Defiance more so, but it's a longest pilot).
Yes, O'Bannon created Farscape, but my point is that the sound bite you keep hearing that "Defiance is from the Farscape guy" is inaccurate, because O'Bannon was just one of three developers and he left after the pilot. So this isn't the second coming of Farscape that some people expect or want it to be. The overlap between the two shows' creative staffs is quite minimal. There are more Galactica/Caprica veterans involved with Defiance than there are Farscape veterans.

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The “intent” is as unknown as the shooter and it would be determined in a trial but the setting is the ‘Wild West’ and as such, survival and not procedural legalities are their priority.
Even so, I can't believe they'd just shrug off the killing of their lawkeeper. Nothing gets cops up in arms like killing a cop. Hopefully in episodes to come there will be some followup to this.

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The main thing I question especially reading earlier and seeing the backstory. How the hell did the Earth *FIGHT* these aliens? The ships came in 2013 and apparently the war broke out in 2023.

I really don't think we have the technology to be battling multiple interstellar races and don't think that will improve much in 10 years. I'm assuming there was some sharing of technology by those seeking to settle on the Earth, but that still seems a bit farfetched to me.

I would think any fight against Aliens would be similar to Fallen Skies. Pretty much *OWNED* within a few days and then whatever fighting remains is resistance pockets.
But the Votans didn't come as invaders. They came as refugees, expecting to settle what they thought was an uninhabited planet. So it's not like they came equipped with an arsenal and infantry legions and such. Nor were they a unified force. The Pale Wars weren't just human vs. alien; there were also humans fighting humans and Votans fighting Votans. True, once the Volge showed up later in the war, they were certainly equipped for heavy fighting, but the Votans hadn't even known they were there until they struck, and the Volge were a threat to humans and Votans alike.

Not to mention that the Defiance timeline began to diverge back in 2000, when the Earth's governments discovered the approaching fleet and began working in secret to develop defenses, including the Biomen. So they had 13 years of warning to prepare, plus a decade of peaceful technology exchange with the Votans.
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