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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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All I kept thinking was...if they put this cool backstory in front of a David Brin, Greg Bear, etc they might have a really cool show, but they didn't quite succeed yet.

Unlike Farscape, I actually like these actors, so I'll probably stick around longer. It's the only real lasting impression of the show except for the brief prologue. I might need to rewatch it.

Why would there be 5 different terraforming machines? The aliens were going to share the planet not fight for the winning terraforming ecosystem.

There's no way a group of advanced aliens like this coming to Earth would ever result in a stalemate or victory for Earth. Yes I understand the Ark's were destroyed, but apparently battle was at a stalemate before that.

The Aliens are from 6 separate worlds. Packed in the STL refugee ships and working together only because they had to to escape the destruction of their home systems. Only a small number was ever awake after arrival and during the war. The vast majority died in their sleep on board their ships.
So the Humans had first over 10 years to prepare for war. (human governments saw the ships coming years before the public found out) and of course a massive advantage in numbers.
they 5 five different types of terraforming machines because the 6 humanoid races presumably planed to divide up the uninhabited world they were traveling too and each have their own ecosystem. Yeah it's crazy science but what can you do. I mean in the show the out of control machines have made all sorts of weird localized ecologys
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