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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

I liked Generations and First Contact, not so much Insurrection and Nemesis, but really pretty meh about all four of them. Generations seemed sort of weird and incomplete, but it was good seeing good old 1701-D one last time. First Contact was really entertaining, but that's about it. We've all read Moby Dick in tenth grade - we get it. The last two simply felt like they were making movies because they were obligated to make movies.

I've never felt like Star Trek translated well to the big screen. I like the TOS movies (well four of them) well enough, but they lost the campy fun and color of the series. The TNG movies lost the thoughtfulness. If I were to take every episode and movie of Star Trek ever made and list them in order of most to least favorite, I'd probably list about 300 TV episodes before hitting the first movie.
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