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Just dying for a Rendezvous with Rama movie!

Started reading this classic once again. I really love this book and I long for a movie version of it. Fans of the book know of the fan trailer and past talk of Morgan Freeman wanting to do the project that never got off the ground. I know a thread pops up here every now and again but perhaps the more we scream the better chance of someone hearing and doing it, hell it would make good money after all.

Perhaps we should impose a law in hollywood, no more video game movies until the complete works of Arthur C. Clarke are done and done spectacularly!

At any rate, I know I'd pay good money to see it and I don't think it would be an overwhelming difficult task for today's FX and it would be an instant classic.

Are there parts of the book that would not translate well to film? Which parts would be the highlights? How could it catch the attention of the general movie going audience if possible at all?

I want this movie!

Who's with me?

I know our local poster RAMA is.
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