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Re: STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

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Actually the brewery is far bigger than 200 meters I drive by it three times a week. It's a huge complex
The complex is bigger than 200m, but each of the buildings is about 100m long. This can be checked with google (I did). Any one of those would easily fit inside the secondary hull of a 300m long Enterprise, especially if (a) it wasn't the whole brewery building, and (b) it was only engineering and the shuttle bay in the hull.

I don't need to argue this point it's official anyway
But it's not really official. ILM claims something, but as others have pointed out their numbers bounce wildly around. Add to that the external look of the ship is identical to the TMP refit, down to the round hatches and the portholes. I personally don't trust ILM's artists when it comes to measurements in metric.

Also, somehow it took Spock about 2 seconds to go from the shuttle bay to the bridge on the turbolift in ST09. If the enterprise is roughly 200m tall, that turbolift is moving at quite a clip. Thank god for inertial dampners...

Official is what we see on screen, otherwise people wouldn't dismiss Roddenberry's comments so readily (e.g. Klingon bumps -- he said they always had them, but a canon explanation had to be found anyway...).

But alas. No need to rehash four years ago.
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