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Re: Your Favorite Ridiculous-Looking Alien Species

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My favorite ridiculous-looking species? That would be Vulcans.
Actually, in that vein, I think I'd give that trophy to the nuRomulans (from the "spinoffs" era, not the "Abramsverse" Romulans) instead. They're very similar to Vulcans, but those cow-catcher foreheads elevate the giggle factor considerably.
True. The Romulans all had Beatles haircuts, latex foreheads, elvish ears and Krystle Carrington shoulder pads: a hilarious combination to say the least.
Was it ever explained how the 'color coding' system on Romulan uniforms (in TNG, anyway) actually worked? It had absolutely nothing to do with rank or specialty, they just basically threw it out there at random. In-universe, I wonder what it means. Something to do with family or clan affiliation, maybe?
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