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Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

Well personally I would like to see TNG rebooted in the same way TOS has but thats my opinion. 3-4 year gaps is fine with me after being spoiled for 18 years.

What I am trying to post is that the studio execs who spend all their time trying to make money for Paramount will be looking at where they can make money and see this as yet untapped potential in their Star Trek brand. I think they will green light new movies in addition to the JJ ones IF STID does well, we might not hear about them for a few years but I think behind the scenes the screenplays will be written, actors tapped up and potential directors sought because of Paramounts need to make money for their shareholders.

Paramount don't have very much on their schedule at the moment. Outside of Star Trek, Transformers and Mission Impossible they don't have anything else that is guaranteed to make a good sum of money after losing Dreamworks Animation and Marvel to other studios.
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