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Star Trek spinoff movies

Marvel have got a really good thing going on with the Avengers. Their comic book heroes all inhabit the same universe so they have have the same characters and even have crossovers!

Trek at the moment cannot do this because TOS stands alone in its universe and as a result this means that Paramount have to make do with 1 new movie every 4 years whilst they jealously look on at the likes of Marvel and other comic book franchises pumping out 1 or 2 movies a year! All that money! Meanwhile other franchises like Fast and Furious and Hunger Games and DC Comics are getting loads of movies out! MONEY!

When the JJ Abrams movies finish in 2016/17 perhaps Paramount can then look into rebooting TNG, DS9 and even VOY. They all inhabit the same universe and therefore the potential for standalone movies and crossovers are endless.

If someone can come in and reboot TNG with the same results as JJ Abrams has got then why stop there? May as well do the other spinoffs and then Paramount get their wish. Successful Trek movies everywhere! ! and they don't have to make their shareholders wait 4 long years between movies.

Paramount are probably itching to make this so but are probably just waiting to see how STID does. If it does well... I think they will green light movies for the spinoffs. If the movie is good people will watch! ST09 proves this by increasing the boxoffice by nearly TENFOLD worldwide over Nemesis.
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