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Re: The Hall of Forgotten Fanac: The James Dixon Collection

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Next you'll be saying that "the remote X'Nodi Sector located on the outer fringe of Federation space" is a reference to Dixon...

You guys must smoke some mighty good stuff on here. Or do you get this way after being aged and exposed to E and XI?

Tech Fandom has been around for a Very long time, and many fans of old think and even act and type alike...
I would think most would of those older fans would understand the real world reasoning behind tech fandom's so-called demise. Other than FJ's manual and blueprints (which are still a big influence on Trek - check out the USS Kelvin and spacedock in the last movie) most of it was unlicenced material - basically fanzines. Fanzines were technically illegal use of Trek's copyrights, although they were tolerated by TPTB because they were harmless and weren't actually making profit. But to use that fan-made stuff in episodes or movies? It was never gonna happen any more than they'd adapt the Kraith stories into a TV series.

And as for why FJ's manuals were ignored by Okuda's - IIRC it's because Okuda was told to ignore them. Apparently Gene Roddenberry and Franz Joseph had a falling out over FJ independently licencing the Technical Manual to make the Star Fleet Battles game, without GR getting a cut.
One word: bullshit...
It's about MONEY, plain and simple. Licensing and who gets to use the Star Trek name or not...
Do you hoestly think that if Okuda used an NCC from an old manual which matched a ship name on the show that lawsuits would fly?

It doesn't mean us fans have to follow suit and ignore shitloads of manuals and blueprints we've come to hold dear, just because TPTB say "No-No."

As it's been shown, Okuda et al have gone out of their way, out in a limb in fact, to desecrate Trek publications of the past, licensed and unlicensed. That's not a very friendly gesture to fans who were brought up on these bits of minutia. Are lawsuits really going to start flying if the refitted Enterprise were called Enterprise Class in an episode or movie? Or a U.S.S. Reliant model an Avenger Class rather than Miranda Class?

Don't tell me the show's "official" continuity people are Told to ignore them.
And don't tell me to worship Them simply because they're Entitled.
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