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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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You seem to be aware of information I do not possess from just watching the pilot.
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, but yes other gems of information transmedia have been dropped into this thread.

Saying that the games are canon will be a difficult promise to keep if the show goes for ten years and the game only survives for two. The impossibility of that promise would only be made by a loon or lemming unaware about what cometh after pride.

Lucas spent 10 years swearing that all his Dark Horse Star Wars Comics were Canon, and then he started making prequels, which shot that idea to shit and questioned completely the nazi like policing of the comic book franchise up to the point.
The game is canon. This is a fact. This whole project has been designed with that in mind. However I would assume that they contingency plans should either the show or the mmo get cancelled..

Which is what I was afraid of, I only noticed the advertising a week before the show aired and have not played a game since 1980. Will the show fill in the blanks by actually showing us watching on Skiffy?
I assume they will fill in the story as the show continues
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