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  • When I'm waiting to make a right turn exiting a shopping center and another vehicle pulls so far forward in the through/left turn lane I can't see the oncoming traffic.
  • Shopping centers with signs or landcaping blocking the view of oncoming traffic when I'm trying to exit. Municipal ordinances restricting the height of signs for aesthetic purposes aren't helping. The same for some highway median landscaping where I need to make a left turn.
  • I'm trying to use the crosswalk and a vehicle has stopped for the light so far forward they are blocking the crosswalk.
  • Vehicles making right turns at intersections without checking for pedestrians.
  • The department store restocking crews who bring so many pallets of merchandise onto the sales floor in the evening customers have trouble moving around the store. They should bring fewer pallets out, put that merchandise on the shelves then bring more pallets out.
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