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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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I wasn't sure either but I thought it wasn't important in that it was accidental death. It was obvious the sheriff’s character, while likeable, was replaceable.
Well, it wasn't important in plot terms, no, but in legal terms, we're talking the homicide of a police officer during an altercation in which firearms were discharged in public with lethal intent. It's unclear whether the shooter was acting in aggression or in self-defense. In the latter case, it would probably be manslaughter, while in the former it would be felony murder. Indeed, whoever started the gunfight (Rafe?) could be found guilty of the lawkeeper's murder even if he didn't fire the shot. There have been cases where, if person A committed a crime and person B accidentally killed person C while defending themselves against person A, it was person A who was found guilty of murder because it was A's criminal action that led to C's death.

What bugs me is that Irisa told the deputy that Nolan murdered her parents -- she even used the word "murdered" -- but the deputy didn't then try to arrest Nolan or at least protest when he was named the new lawkeeper. But then, I guess the crimes occurred outside his jurisdiction.

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I was conflicted by Stahma Tarr because she did distract the children of the man who feared being late on a payment to her husband and feeding them is symbolic too
Well, she distracted them so her husband's Sensoth goon could torture the guy without the kids raising a fuss and drawing attention. It was anything but an act of kindness. That was one of the creepiest moments in the episode, the way she used a seeming act of kindness to abet in her husband's crime and cruelty, and it made her intriguingly devious.

The “intent” is as unknown as the shooter and it would be determined in a trial but the setting is the ‘Wild West’ and as such, survival and not procedural legalities are their priority.

I missed Irisa’s murder statement but wasn’t her intent to get out and head to the Artic (IIRC)? Perhaps the crimes were outside lawkeeper’s scope of power, but the fact Nolan was her caregiver (and the reason she survived childhood) may indicate he didn’t take her claim seriously.

BTW, yes Stahma Tarr is "intriguingly devious" but I think we may see her as having a ying/yang nature. I'm hating these names -they are hell to spell!
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