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Re: The Hall of Forgotten Fanac: The James Dixon Collection

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Next you'll be saying that "the remote X'Nodi Sector located on the outer fringe of Federation space" is a reference to Dixon...

You guys must smoke some mighty good stuff on here. Or do you get this way after being aged and exposed to E and XI?

Tech Fandom has been around for a Very long time, and many fans of old think and even act and type alike...
I would think most would of those older fans would understand the real world reasoning behind tech fandom's so-called demise. Other than FJ's manual and blueprints (which are still a big influence on Trek - check out the USS Kelvin and spacedock in the last movie) most of it was unlicenced material - basically fanzines. Fanzines were technically illegal use of Trek's copyrights, although they were tolerated by TPTB because they were harmless and weren't actually making profit. But to use that fan-made stuff in episodes or movies? It was never gonna happen any more than they'd adapt the Kraith stories into a TV series.

And as for why FJ's manuals were ignored by Okuda's - IIRC it's because Okuda was told to ignore them. Apparently Gene Roddenberry and Franz Joseph had a falling out over FJ independently licencing the Technical Manual to make the Star Fleet Battles game, without GR getting a cut.
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