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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Ann, because I get that she's the modern day Miss Ellie and matriarch of the family, but she's also basically not been involved in the Ewings/J.R./Masterpiece plan. Nowhere was this more evident than when Bobby and Bum were revealing the plan to John Ross, Christopher, Pamela and Sue Ellen. Ann just showed Bum in and then closed the door to leave. Seriously?
That bothered me a bit, too, but not so much now that I've had a chance to think about it.

If Ann had been in on J.R.'s Masterpiece (which sounds like it should be a barbecue sauce, but I digress ), it would have left questions as to whether she was manipulating her daughter when Emma stole Harris' ledger and gave it to the Ewings. Emma's certainly got her own agenda what's in the case she brought to John Ross? but for Ann to be playing her would tarnish what the writers and the actors did this season with the character arcs for both of them. Ann isn't a candidate for sainthood the way Miss Ellie was, but being the Miss Ellie figure on the new series, she has to be able to rise above the schemes.

BTW, TNT would totally be missing out on a great marketing opportunity if they didn't add those J.R. Ewing signature decanters to the Dallas shop on their website.
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