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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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Legion, we are talking about two different things. You are speaking of the commercial viability, while I am addressing the success of story as told through various art forms.
Star Trek is commercial entertainment. It's pointless to discuss the future of the Franchise if you pretend that the studio would for one moment consider a project that isn't developed primarily as a means of generating revenue. They've never, ever done that before.

I mean, while we're at it I may as well propose that in three years CBS ought to make Trek available as a holographic choose-your-own-adventure program written by Ernest Hemingway, who they'll retrieve using a time machine that they should fund and develop.

Or, instead, we can talk about future Star Trek projects that might actually have a chance of happening.

Neither of which choices, however, have much to do with Shaka Zulu's proposals. Based on the examples he points to he's not really interested in photo realism so much as in seeing animated examples of 3D puppets that happen to be proportioned like human beings - because none of the examples he points to are good examples of photo realism; most of them are either low-budget or outdated crap that most people with any discrimination won't sit through.
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