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Re: Dallas - Season 2

^^Thanks, OmahaStar!

Finally had a chance to watch the episode this morning and am blown away. I was really hoping for Pam to come back, but I think I like what the new show has done even better. Bobby gets his hands dirty. John Ross marries Cliff's daughter. Christopher finally mourns his mother. Sue Ellen finally puts some of J.R.'s wheeling and dealing to good use on her own.

John Ross had some great moments in the last two episodes, and when he finally asks the question - "Who shot my father?" it was a tender, believable moment. Too, I was happy to see (happy from a storytelling perspective) that Bobby finally, when it was all over, let himself have the emotional release to cry and grieve J.R., even if briefly.

As for J.R.'s plan, what a masterpiece indeed. I don't know how none of us ever thought it was going to be about ending the Barnes-Ewing feud once and for all (even though Cliff tried to end it at some point during the original series)...

But all I can say is wow. Wow. Back when they ended that earlier episode with John Ross on the phone with JR (when J.R. was shot) I had a slight suspicion that J.R. knew he was going to be killed based on his conversation, but having it confirmed now makes his last conversation with John Ross all the more poignant.

My only real critiques would be of Elena and Ann. Elena, because WTF is she doing at the end? Why is she taking Cliff Barnes' word over everything and everyone who have been in her life with the Ewings? Is she just angry? Is she scorned because of Christopher (however rightly, if in his super emo way) being angry with her?

Ann, because I get that she's the modern day Miss Ellie and matriarch of the family, but she's also basically not been involved in the Ewings/J.R./Masterpiece plan. Nowhere was this more evident than when Bobby and Bum were revealing the plan to John Ross, Christopher, Pamela and Sue Ellen. Ann just showed Bum in and then closed the door to leave. Seriously?

I'm absolutely itching now for season three, and sincerely hope TNT will do right by how well done this series has been the last two years and renew it soon.
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