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Re: Neelix Feet! I cant look away!!

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All this talk of Neelix and rubbers. I have some seriously disturbing imagery in my head now.
I think this picture started out as Burt Reynolds, there was another one made years ago and no longer available anywhere that left nothing to the imagination. I am not a Neelix fan, I wouldn't heap hate on him, but you see that picture traumatized me. It made me write a little ficlet, I was trying to write a drabble (one hundred words no more no less), I got it down to 150.

Captain Janeway ran out of the turbolift, across the bridge, only pausing when the door slid shut behind her.
She tried to calm her breathing. She would shut her eyes except the image of feathery hair and orange spots would swim to the surface and she didn't want to see that again.

Her mind was filled with the sight of Neelix naked, surrounded by females of every shape and form, and apparently not keeping track of his holodeck time.

'Chakotay!' she thought, 'I forgot about Chakotay.' She had an appointment to meet him there.

But before she could muster energy to tap her combadge, the door to her ready room door slid open again and then just as swiftly closed leaving Chakotay leaning against the wall on the other side, his head down, hands on his knees.

"Kathryn, never ask to meet me in Holodeck Two again." He gasped, "Ever."
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