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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Okay let me be clear here I was responding to the whole people who transport are in stasis nonsense.
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Putting someone is stasis is sticking them in the pattern buffer until you re-materialize them.
Anyone in mid-transport fits your definition stasis - they're buffered and they have yet to rematerialize. These are all just fanciful sci-fi elements, but make up your mind about what you think they are.

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And the characters did not know that Tuvix could be re-separated hence why they were trying to figure out if and how they could do that's why they kept doing experiment after experiment...
So maybe we were watching the same episode after all. I agree there was doubt and hard work, but... so what? I'd say it supports my point that transporter accident victims aren't automatically presumed dead.

As for when the ordeal ends, that comes either with a clear fatality (a corpse, lost signal, etc.) or when the reset button has firmly been pressed. The rematerialization of anything other than the original people hasn't signaled a closure, at least not that I can recall.
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