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Re: Three Years Of Starscream: A Celebration

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Thought I better get this done while I was thinking about it. Consider me late for last year, very late for 2 years ago, or a little early this time around.

Can I make it up to you by sending you a few more pics of me in my Flash Gordon underwear?

Yer Pal,
Jethro (or not in my underwear?) Elvis
I could do a "THIRTEEN DAY COUNTDOWN!" (since it's now THIRTEEN YEARS) to the actual official bump of this thread. A thread which itself is now TEN YEARS OLD. I remember writing this thread but NOTHING from the ten years inbetween. I'm not convinced they really happened.

(YES OF COURSE I want more underwear pics.)
Let's make sure history never forgets the name Big Matty.
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