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Did TNG ever use the TFF Bridge Set?

It has been pretty well documented that many of the sets and props from the TOS films were recycled in TNG as a cost savings measure. In fact, most of the TOS standing sets were converted into sets for the Enterprise D. Even the TMP - TVH bridge set became the Battle Bridge, as well as the bridge for other misc. ships.

Because of damage to several of the wild sections, a new bridge set was constructed for TFF, reused in TUC and I believe GEN as the Enterprise B. Yet, of all the reused sets, I noticed this on TNG. Was this set ever used in the the run of TNG for any other purpose? DS9? Voyager? If not, why do you think that is? AFIK, the set was left standing between movies. Why not use it for another federation starship bridge? Especially after the old battle bridge set seemed to be completely rebuilt by BOBW.

Anyone have any insight into this? Did the movie division tell them to stay away from it?

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