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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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I read with interest both of the postings you linked to...and came away with a layman's opinion that this guy was, er, a tad deranged. I know from previous posts that at one point he was very important to Trek, something like Roddenberry's right-hand man, and that he doesn't hold anything like that kind of power now, but (1) how did he fall from grace, so to speak, and (2) does he still have any affiliation to Trek?
Arnold was fired when Roddenberry died. He hasn't had an official role with Star Trek since then, though I believe some licensees have used him as a Star Trek expert over the years.

He used to have a Q&A column in the official fan club magazine. "Deranged" is a good word; I recall one column where he answered a question about the Deep Space Nine relaunch with "There is no such person as Elias Vaughn in the Star Trek universe" (paraphrasing from a decade old memory).

I view Arnold as a well-meaning, well-intentioned, but narrow-minded fan who inveigled his way into a position of power and influence over something that he loved, not unlike Ian Levine with early-80s Doctor Who, whose actions actively damaged the thing that he loved. (I'm not sure who did more damage, though, to their respective franchises, Arnold or Levine.)
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