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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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There was really only one spot in the show that I thought looked really cheap: There was a shot looking out of the windshield of the vehicle Nolan & the Mayor were in, and her killer assistant swerves into view ahead of them, fishtailing and stirring up dust; that looked really videogamey.
For me it was some of the battle shots, particularly one of a Volge pulling one of the defenders off the cliff and dropping him. In that and some of the other falling shots, the way the bodies moved just didn't fit how gravity and inertia should work.

I liked that early scene when they were in the car and despite being pissed at Nolan, eventually starts singing the song with him.
That was the deftest piece of exposition in the pilot -- encapsulating their whole relationship without needing to give a word of backstory. A perfect "show, don't tell" scene.

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That reminds me, who exactly shot the sheriff (lawkeeper)?
Bob Marley?
I think Eric Clapton is also a suspect.
And note that they did, in fact, not shoot the deputy.
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