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Re: new star trek trailer

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Anyone catch the subtle nod to TOS production values in the trailer? The scene where Spock is running after Harrison, at 1:51 into the trailer (just after Harrison bursts through the glass), shows Spock's insignia on the wrong side of his shirt--as used to happen to McCoy in TOS on more than one occasion. That's the kind of attention to detail that shows, beyond all doubt, that Abrams' reverence for the source material is unimpeachable.

I loved the trailer, don't get me wrong. I was simply amused that a little reversal like that snuck into it the way it would on TOS.
Yep, wasn't lost on me. The set of TMP trading cards that came with General Mills cereals as part of the movie promotion back in 1979 were all backwards, too. EVERY one of them, as I remember.
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