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Re: The Hall of Forgotten Fanac: The James Dixon Collection

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Sorry to bump this, but I came across THIS and thought it may be of interest. CaptainLJB seems to be another James Dixon puppet. The fake leaked Trek XII script is the same one posted on the Terok Nor Promenade site - but there are a few interesting things in the thread. His detailed review of JJ Abrams' Star Trek is on page 3, and he also mentions having started writing a book about his life and obsession with Trek. And bashes Mike Okuda. A lot.
Oh my good lord. That is UNQUESTIONABLY James Dixon. The random Capitalization, the insistence that 'Treknical' is a word, the psychotic fixation on Mike Okuda, the complete and utter disconnect from reality. The only thing missing is a sad plea for a 'Trekess' to hook up with him (presumably in hopes of popping out a new generation of Treklets to carry on his holy jihad against all those who would sully the good name of Treknical Fandom).

I've had run ins with that kook going back twenty years and more to the FidoNet Trek echo. I suppose I'm glad to know he's alive and well... But man, I have no reaction to the man but to sadly shake my head and walk away. There but for the grace of God....

Next you'll be saying that "the remote X'Nodi Sector located on the outer fringe of Federation space" is a reference to Dixon...

You guys must smoke some mighty good stuff on here. Or do you get this way after being aged and exposed to E and XI?

Tech Fandom has been around for a Very long time, and many fans of old think and even act and type alike...
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