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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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It's funny that people say that some of the CGI looks cheap. Wonder if they are forgetting about the tie-in video game. More than likely said CGI is straight from the game. It's purposely bad CGI in that respect.
No, I've seen some game footage, and it's even cruder and lower-resolution than what's on the show. Although in its defense, it's not trying to look real there.
There was really only one spot in the show that I thought looked really cheap: There was a shot looking out of the windshield of the vehicle Nolan & the Mayor were in, and her killer assistant swerves into view ahead of them, fishtailing and stirring up dust; that looked really videogamey.

Overall, I really enjoyed the pilot. I love Stephanie Leonidas as Irisa. Love her look and attitude. I liked that early scene when they were in the car and despite being pissed at Nolan, eventually starts singing the song with him.
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