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Re: Neelix Feet! I cant look away!!

I dunno, I never saw any "sparks" between Neelix and Wildman. I saw Neelix forcing himself into her parenthood, like he forces himself into any other situation he's just passingly interested in, and Wildman went along with it because she needed a babysitter. I still can't believe his level of jerkiness reached the height of him getting her to fix his replicator and other kitchen components when she was so pregnant she literally broke her water in the galley.

As for Paris and Kes? Nah, I'm kinda glad that never happened. Just would seem like Paris cradle robbing to me. I mean that literally is how Neelix got with her. He was the most exciting man in her small, narrow world. It was only after her horizons expanded a lot she realized she could do so much better. But the writers did seem to have Paris showing attraction towards her, so I guess it's possible it could've happened if Kes didn't get the boot in season 4.
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