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Re: STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

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(defying all logic with the new much larger sets including the brewery engineering which is nearly 200 meters long alone and the new hangar which is 3 times the size of the old, not to mention the new much larger portholes and triple decker bridge cap which also has hallways and additional rooms on either side of the much larger bridge )
The actual brewery (Budweiser in Northridge, CA) is not even 200m long. Wide-angle camera lenses typically make small things look big. Besides, it was my impression that JJ's original idea was to make the "lower decks" of the ship look 'rough'. It makes a bit more sense if you imagine ALL of the secondary hull is engineering and the shuttle bay.

Also, the bridge is clearly not under the dome structure in the new ship. It's several decks below, which allows for the corridor access.

In any event, we will agree to disagree. I think it's clear someone (who likely didn't understand how big a "meter" was) screwed up in production with the shuttle bay scene, and everything else has been to justify this fact. Until they state the size of the ship *in the movie*, I'll consider anything else to be non-canon.
Actually the brewery is far bigger than 200 meters I drive by it three times a week. It's a huge complex
And you can disagree but as King Daniel more clearly demonstrates the new huge size makes sense and the original larger canon size actually makes more sense
I don't need to argue this point it's official anyway and it's a reboot as well everything is different
But it's all a world of make believe anyway so if you want your E to be comparable to the originals size then go for it brotha
I prefer mine to be able to crush Picard's puny enterprises into paste though
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