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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Yeah, but I'll take early SFX with actual models over early CGI any day. As the mid 1990's unfolded, CGI was improving dramatically. But unfortunately B5 budgetary constraints kept it on the older CGI platform, rather than revising to adopt significant improvements.
Babylon 5 was on the leading edge of CGI. I don't know what "older platform" refers to here. The Amigas? They changed to PC in season two. Lightwave was basically engineered around Babylon 5's needs and was updated season-to-season. Second season CGI already looks much improved from season one. Star Trek used the same CGI company later for a reason.

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Captain Sheridan abandon his forces in the midst of war to confront The Shadows.
Um...what? That didn't happen.

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And the entire fifth seasons was terrible.
Well that doesn't seem to be the conclusion in this particular thread; kirk may not have liked the Londo resolution but he seemed to like a majority of the fifth season episodes beyond that.

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