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Re: Best female Star Trek Cast?

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Seven and The Doctor were like Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo on Saturday Night Live in the early 80s. I suppose there are folks who think those guys were overused but they were the best talent the show had at the time and the SNL probably wouldn't have survived without them.

Same with Seven and the Doctor. I'm glad the writers and producers turned them loose in seasons 4-7. Others may not agree but I believe it kept Voyager relevant and prevented it from going the way of Enterprise.
Jeri Ryan's "talents" were somewhere other than in her acting range imo.
I'm sorry you feel that way and could not disagree more with that statement. I actually think Jeri Ryan was less physically attractive than the long-haired Jennifer Lien...I like women with a more natural look like Lien or even Mulgrew or the gal who played B'elanna. But I do think she was the best actress by far and carried the show.
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