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Star Wars actor Richard LeParmentier, 1946-2013

Actor Richard LeParmentier has died at 66. He played the smug. back-talking Admiral Motti in Star Wars and stood out as the lone Amercan accent among the Imperial higher-ups.

I was always intrigued by the "I find your lack of faith disturbing" scene. Back when Star Wars was a standalone film, it was fun to ponder the implications. Not only was it a cool way to show off Vader's power, but what was the back story? Was he a has-been, out of favor with everyone but Tarkin? Did the Imperials regard him and his "religion" as a little kooky, or just old fashioned? Were different Imperial factions struggling for power on the inside? I always enjoyed that glimpse inside the Death Star halls of power and the throat-twitching performance of Mr. LeParmentier. RIP.
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