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Re: New poster seems proof UHURA has replaced DR. MCCOY in the big thr

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I wish people would move on. I have been reading a lot of comments from bbs,trekmovie and trekweb and it saddens to me to see that sexism is still an ongoing thing in the world.I just read a comment from trekweb saying that uhura needs to sit down and answer the phone. Am sorry, but that comment is a huge insult to all respected educated working women of the world.

Trek takes place in the 23rd century where (hopefully) men and woman are evenly matched.

also what exactly do sexist men want? they bash uhura for been just the girlfriend in the first film and now they are bashing her for actually getting out there are kicking ass.its a no win situation for the lead females in the JJ Trek universe.

Alice eve has even had it worse ,a lot of men do not care about her character all they care about is how great her body is.

President Obama was recently in a sexist controversy because he commented a woman on her looks.I would think most men will have learnt from his silly mistake but here we are...still.

it makes me sick.
Nutrek is still incredibly sexist. Don't be fooled by a couple of high profile token females. I've been moaning at IDW telling them that they need to try an even up the numbers. They have been using Rand and Zahra as recurring security guards but the balance is thrown back out by Cupcake and Boma. Hopefully they will give Chapel a sufficient cameo to justify her inclusion in the comics, we'll have Alice Eve's character, but even then they could still make more use of women like Helen Noel or Anne Mulhall who have specialisms that can crop up regularly and they should be used where appropriate.

I was a bit irritated when the comic version of WNMHGB wrote out Dehner and used... nobody instead so we had no women in the story at all. Where was Noel?
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