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Re: New poster seems proof UHURA has replaced DR. MCCOY in the big thr

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Who's Rand?
I can't bring myself to dignify such a comment with a direct response! They've showing season one of TOS on CBS recently and I must say I much preferred the more ensemble feel to the earlier episodes to the greater focus on the Big 3 that came later. If you watch the shows in the order they were originally intended to be shown, you can see a fair bit of character development going on.

Janice Rand was probably a more versatile character than Uhura in that her job was mobile and she didn't need an excuse to get off the ship (we also saw quite a few carbon copy yeomen on landing parties throughout season one). McCoy suffers from a similar problem to Uhura in that his focus is often in one part of the ship and in an action movie that could limit his contribution. His role as Kirk's friend is what should broaden his contribution in a similar way to Uhura/Spock plus every landing party can justify the need for a medic. It also looks like Uhura is not going to be confined to her post in the sequel.

On balance I'm expecting their contributions to be on par, so we are back to the Big 4 that was originally intended in TOS.
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