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Re: Starship crash sequence from the MTV Awards

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Not that far - the swimming leg of the current "Escape from Alcatraz" triathlon is 1.5 miles. If you were to head straight across the island toward Fisherman's Wharf, it might be a little bit less than a mile.
From the angle of the hit, swerving aside, it looks like the ship is heading to the Pier 39, North Beach, Embarcadero Dr. area.
To me it look like it's heading towards the Marina district.
I don't know. Maybe. It looked to me like it hit the cellhouse straight down its length, going right over the lighthouse. That would mean it was heading more or less southeast, and if it didn't veer at all, it could've conceivably skidded all the way to the Bay Bridge. That's why I placed landfall somewhere in North Beach. Of course, I guess it could've veered even farther west towards the Marina District when it hit the water, but I think it's the poor sea lions at Pier 39 who are going to have the bad day.
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